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Does God Exist Essay

In this busy world where almost everything is explained by Science and evidence, no one seems to bother questioning the existence of God. They are either apathetic or simply decided to be atheists or agnostics. Many people, especially the youth, are apathetic. They would rather preoccupy themselves with the newest game of Playstation 3, Hollywood blockbuster movies, sexy music videos of Paris Hilton, sports car, and other more exciting things. Topics of religion and faith are none of their businesses for these are the problems of the priests, pastors, and other faith defenders.They believe that they are too young to care and the important thing is that they do belong to a certain religion, attend some religious obligations, and those would be enough and will serve as “tickets� to their salvation. But do they understand what they are doing? Do they know what God they are worshipping to? Do they really reflect if they really want the religion they’re into, or they just go with the flow? Others would simply negate that there is a God. These are the atheists.

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